We have treatments for Coronavirus, see #4, #5, #6 below.

1. First you have to be saved.

By that I mean a born-again Christian.

You should praise Jesus all the time. When you are healthy, sing praise songs.

You must not keep unforgivenss in your heart. This and all other negative thoughts and negative emotions will keep you sick. You have to treat people good. Love everyone.

You can pray and ask God to heal you. You can also speak spiritual warfare to cast away from you the spirit (demon) of infirmity and other condition specific names of demons that might be causing your illnesses and issues. Also, I highly recommend you watch the 700 Club (cbn.com/700club). Most days they pray for healing for their viewers and many people get healed of many things.

If you want my help you can email arleneATyoufixallDOTcom

2. There is a fast and easy "energy healing technique" called Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), by Larry Nimms.

You can find a short version of this on internet but it is copyrighted so I cannot provide that for you. This short version works really good for lots of things for example, back pain.

But there is a longer, more comprehensive version available at his website, besetfreefast.com. You will have to pay $39.95 for the .pdf eBook and it takes a little time to do it but it is supposed to get over everything. He says he is doing the same thing as EFT tapping but faster and easier.

You are supposed to be able to get over all your discomforts.

3. EFT tapping, is an easy method of tapping on acupressure points.

Works especially good for emotional/psychological issues but also works for many physical things, for example back pain.

There are many variations of this type of tapping. One is The Tapping Solution. There are library books about it including Roger Callahan's Tapping the Healer Within and Tapping Cure by Roberta Temes. If you are in Milwaukee you can ask me about a free class.

4. AFT tapping.

At Advice Of The Queen there is an entirely different type of tapping on acupressure points. Also includes acutones. There are about 150 free treatments and several hundred $19.95 treatments. You can get over almost all of your physical illness. The actual treatments are from a different website that you will be referred to, please click over.

Yes, we have a FREE .mp3 acutones treatment for Coronavirus/COVID-19.

It takes some time to learn all this. It is a different tapping than any of the others. It is targeted. Each condition has a different formula. And many of these have no other treatments available at all, anywhere.

Yes, you do have to play the .mp3 file. You have to find or purchase a correct device.

You might have to purchase/setup some technology. Maybe you should ask your children or grandchildren for help. Find someone a little tech savvy.

Or, you do have to sit around and tap. Yes you do have to spend hours learning how to do it. Yes, what will people think of you?

Yes, you will have to admit that medical doctors and prescription drugs and surgeries are not the only way to fix something. You will have to change your thinking.

Or, you can just continue to be sick and then die. That is much easier.

Dr. Ebert wrote this letter to introduce himself and his treatments to President Trump but I haven't been able to get this letter to him:

Dear President Trump,

I am writing to offer you and your readers a way to avoid the fears and physical harm caused by COVID-19. This is not a joke, farce, or attempt to gain notoriety. I am a people helper, and that is my goal and intention.

I am a Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, Author, and developer of a little known healing technique called "the Attractor Field Techniques". The "attractors" referenced are the emotional reasons why each individual draws to themselves the fate and circumstances of their lives. Love attracts love, hate attracts hate, and in the case of COVID-19, existential fear attracts the COVID-19 virus. If you are interested I have provided the internet address of the web site where you and your readers can learn more.

My offer is free to anyone who has a computer and is capable of downloading and playing a 10 minute audio file. The file is composed of musical tones that through the magnetic energy of loud speakers stimulates sequences of Acupuncture points. The file needs to be played twice a day, morning and evening, and begins to have its effect as soon as you have played the file one time.

It seems somehow fitting that COVID-19, which arose in China, can be treated using knowledge contained in a thousands of year old Chinese technique.

The MP3 file I provide is designed to accomplish two things: first, to reduce the terror people have of COVID-19; and second, to boost the immune system so that if infected with COVID-19 the body can quickly respond and rid itself of the virus. One of the biggest problems with COVID-19 is the fact that it is a new strain of virus and human's have no/little immunity to it. As well as practicing social distancing to avoid spreading the virus, increasing our personal resistance to it is also needed.

The COVID-19 treatment I offer can be found at http://www.the-tree-of-life.com. Look for "Free items - COVID-19". Read the instructions. Download file and play it. You can save you and the ones you love a lot of misery and worry. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

May we love God. May we love others. May we love as Jesus loves.

R. K. Ebert, PhD



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R. K. Ebert, PhD


If you want to use these treatments in my apartment building you must coordinate with me because they will collide with your neighbors.
Other apartment buildings also need a coordinator.

5. Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver is a fantastic treatment for all bacteria, virus, fungi, and others. It works for coronavirus. It's a little pricey to buy it from health-food stores but you can make it yourself if you invest in a generator.

You have to educate yourself. I read three Colloidal Silver books and there are more books available. The best, I think, is Wonders of Colloidal Silver by Dhyana L. Coburn. Also Silver Magic by C.K. Murray, and Colloidal Silver : the natural antibiotic by Werner Kuhni. Reading just one of these books will convince you it will work. I like to read more if I am going to start to use a new product and invest my money in it.

I ordered a SilverGen Colloidal Silver Generator. I'm waiting for delivery as there is a backlog. It seems that SilverGen is the best generator available and maybe even the only good one (far superior).

6. Ozone Therapy.

Ozone Therapy is for hospital/clinical use and is inexpensive. Alternative Physicians already use it for many things. Dr Frank Shallanberger has written an Open Letter to the President's Coronavirus Task force. He included it with his May 2020 Second Opinions Newsletter. He is asking people to "Please photocopy and send to your representatives." Ozone Therapy combined with Vitamin C therapy will fight the virus in a unique way that he describes in the letter.

The website is https://www.secondopinionnewsletter.com.

I subscribe to the newsletter so I logged in but could not get access to that letter so I emailed them to get help on accessing it. If possible, I will post that letter here or email it to you if I know you want it.

Special Note:

Whatever you do, don't vote for someone that will turn this country Socialism. I don't care if you call it communism, social democratic, or whatever.

This is the land of the free and you want to make us slaves by the lure of free medical for all.

Read these books: We the Living and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Then you will understand.

You see, you have no right to make me go to work to pay for your health care or your college education or whatever. And also watch/listen/read Brannon Howse, World View Weekend.

7. Supplements including vitamins and minerals.

We cannot get what we need from our food. I will try to tell you about some of the most important supplements here but this could easily grow to the size of a book, so I am going to try to limit to just the most very important and those that you might not already know about.

  • a. Only use Himalayan Crystal Salt, no table salt, and Sea Salt is better but not best.
  • b. Iodine, but do not take until you educate yourself about it. Read one of these books, or similar, Healing With Iodine by Mark Sircus, The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow. You are not getting enough in your table salt and table salt is toxic.
  • c. Bioperene, inexpensive and makes your other supplements absorbed better.
  • d. Vitamin K2, helps your bones and your teeth and your heart utilize calcium correctly.
  • e. Some type of minerals supplement that is not part of your multi. Those will not be absorbed. Dr Joel Wallach's, B.E.S.T. Process are two that I think are good.
  • f. MSM, boosts your vitamin C, helps your joints, and other good stuff.
  • g. Serrazimes/Serrapeptase/Serrapeptidase. It "eats up" dead cells that are in your body. Including those that are gunking up your arteries. I think it removes lectins from joints but I have no proof of that.
  • h. So you can fight off viruses and other infections,COVID-19 even, take plenty of Vitamin D unless you get your skin in the sun every day, plenty of Vitamin C and Probiotics. Other vitamins too.